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Bedazzling Beads for everyone's taste

Are you in search of quality stone beads in Victoria? Head over to Victoria Bead Town Designs, one of the largest bead stores in the city. Whether you’re looking for custom jewellery or you require supplies for your art project, we can help you. We have a large inventory of beads, natural stones and crystals of different sizes for each one of your requirements. Our prices for each bead ranges from $0.25 to a couple hundred dollars for the semi-precious strands. You can get speciality seed beads or fancy Delica beads from $1.00 each to $8.95! We provide discounts for serious hobbyists.


Listed below are the wide range of products we have:

Miyuki® Delica beads
Semi-precious stone bracelets
Crystal stones
Apatite palm stones
The Beadsmith beads
Hemp cords
Pink opal
Amethyst skulls
BC jade
Metal beads
Earring backs
Semi-precious carved stone skulls
Hand-carved stone Buddhas
Swarovski crystal skulls
Polychrome jasper palm stones
Hand carved tiger’s eye skull
Turquoise beads
Quartz crystals
Dreamcatcher supplies
Gift boxes
Miyuki® luminous colour beads
Beaded malas
Healing crystals
Jasper skulls
Bone beads
Czech seed beads
Wood beads
Freshwater pearls
Jewellery tools
And more

For more information on our stocks, please contact us or browse through our Facebook page. We’re always happy to help.

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Explore our store and pick your favourites!

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