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Jewellery Repair and Beading Classes in Victoria

Let’s help make your designs a reality! At Victoria Bead Town Designs, we don’t just sell beads; we also provide a range of services for all the bead enthusiasts. Apart from teaching you the various methods of beadwork, our personal beading classes conducted in Victoria can help you create your own pretty necklaces and bracelets. Our services include:

  • Beaded jewellery repairs – We’ll fix everything from earrings to broken crystal necklaces.

  • Custom jewellery – Do you have a unique design in mind? We can make it come true!

  • Personal beading classes – Join us and make your designs a reality!

Book Your Own Personal Beading Class

Contact us to pick your day and time of the class that suits your schedule. It is a 2-hour class with our wonderful beading experts. You’ll also receive a class discount on supplies.

We also conduct workshops! Please contact us for details or browse through our Facebook page. We're always happy to help!

Come, Join One of Our Workshops!

Follow us on Facebook for updates on workshops and interesting one-day beading classes.

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